Knoebels Amusement Park - Family Fun...

Knoebels is a great family park that is located in Elysburg, PA.

We ended up there kind of on a whim after we went on our tour of Yuengling and it was a wonderful time by all.

The park has the option of buying tickets for the rides or purchasing a day pass.

For us, the best way to go was to buy the single tickets because we knew that the boys and their cousin would not be riding all the rides.

The first thing we did was hit the food, we were starving.

All of the food and drinks were very reasonably priced and quite tasty.

There were no broken wallets during the visit on food and that is a good thing!

They have rides for children of all ages and a big swimming pool if you want to swim.

I have to admit the only rides I ever go on are bumper cars and water flume rides. *blush*

Too many hang ups.. fear of heights and motion sickness are not good in amusement parks. I do love to watch the boys and dh enjoy themselves, to me that is fun!

I was still suffering from a massive migraine the day we ended up here so I did not do much except snap pictures of the family enjoying themselves.

The first ride to be enjoyed was the flume! Spencer stayed with me because he had one too many slices of pizza and hit tummy hurt.

Next were the antique cars. Spencer drove dh and I, while Nate drove his Memaw and Grandpa. Spencer did quite a good job driving us. Nate on the other hand kept looking at how the wooden roller coaster was built not on the road. Wonder if this is a sign of what it will be like in three years when he really is driving?!

It rained a little when we were there but it did not dampen our spirits. Everyone was enjoying themselves!

Next up was the Skloosh!

Holy cow, the wave that it produces is H-U-G-E!

The riders become enveloped in the wave that is produced.

Everyone and I mean everyone came off of that ride dripping wet. Lol..

What a great way to cool down on a hot, sticky day.

There is a bridge that you can stand on after you exit where you can experience the water wave again as the next flume comes down. If you are standing in front of the ride you also need to be warned that you might get a wee bit wet. Oh and there is an observation deck that will also get you wet with the waves.

The boys loved this ride like you can’t imagine.

Nate and dh went on the 1001 Nachts, then the Giant Wheel, bumper boats and finally it was getting late in the afternoon, time to call it a day.

What a great family park!

I know we will be going back so that Nate can ride the roller coasters!

If you go, enjoy yourselves!!

Anonymous said...

What a fun surprise to see Knoebel's listed! I grew up around that area. I wish I could predict the future and known you were going there so I could tell you to check out Centralia which is only 20 minutes away. It's this town where there was a mine fire burning underneath it and in the early 80s, the government tried to force everyone out. There are still 11 residents remaining and you can still see smoke coming out of the ground. Anyhow, Knoebel's is alot of fun, great for food (did you get fresh cut fries?) and did you touch the north pole?

Sandy said...

Hi Amy!

Yes, we did go through Centralia on our way there (took 61 up). I had been there quite a few times before so we thought we would take the boys to see. It is quite sad on so many levels. :( To see where the streets were and know that it was once a busy town. Not sure why I did not snap a picture of two?!
No we passed on the fries but the looked soo good. I was hankering for a hot dog and the boys wanted pizza.
Ut-oh, you mean we missed touching the North Pole?! How could that have happened?
Having family in Catawissa and visiting them during the summer as a kid, I never knew it was there. I think my parents were holding out on us as kids!

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