Grumpy Girl Candle & Bath Co. - Review

I am a H-U-G-E Grumpy Girl fan, this is one of my all time favorite online stores.

The web site is fun and the names of the products are so perfect.

So on my shopping spree before we left for vacation, GG had a free shipping sale.

Now, honestly, how could I have resisted?

Answer: I couldn’t.

My heels were in some dire need of pampering and her Grumpy Buttah is the best!

I have used many others, and they just did not measure up.

An order was placed and I could not wait until we arrived back home for my goodies.

Now what did I order?

Cuppy Cake – Pink Hissy Fit

Grapefruit Pucker lip crack

Stick O’Buttah in Strawberry Moonshine

Buttah – Cream Sugah Scrub Sampler – fruity & fabulous

Plus, I received a trial size of a soap and scrub.

When my items arrived, I was one happy camper!

My goodies were all packed in matching tissue paper to GG’s dots on her products.

The stick o’buttah was the first on to be used; really my heels were in bad shape.
Kokum butter (it's in her buttah) is absolutely wonderful for the skin and I always look for it in product for my feet. My feet are now happy campers using her products. TY!

The lip crack is light on the lips (I don’t like heavy balm) and makes them feel so nice and soft. Sure I make my own balm but I love treat myself to hers due to all the wonderful oils and butters she puts in. These are such a wonderful treat.

I used my cuppy cake this past weekend because I really needed some extra pampering. The cuppy cake was wonderful; my skin was left nice and smooth.

I have not used my scrubs yet but knowing the quality of products, I am in for a treat.

My favorite salt bar comes from her; I have used many of her spectacular soaps and am always wowed by them. I can also say that I have burned her candles and they rock!

Great bath & body treats await you from Grumpy Girl Candle & Bath Co. You can purchase items from two ways either from her website or on etsy. Your skin will love the extra attention it will receive from her products.

** Sorry GG for the shabby large photo of your products.

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