Welcome Back!!

Why, hello there!   Welcome back and Happy New Year!!
It's been a long time. 
Happy News Time!
I've decided to start dusting off the cobwebs and bringing back to life this blog. It has been seven long years since I have posted anything. I missed my outlet to share and hear from others. There were some years that I wanted to start writing again, but I knew that I could not give the time that would have been needed. So, with some personal changes that have occurred, I can say that The Phizzingtub will be active again. (hip, hip, hooray!). 
I will continue posting day trips that we have taken, recipes I have tried, soaps (I will be starting up again) and some ramblings from time to time. Facebook - yeah, I dunno. I had a page long ago and nobody ever used it so perhaps not. Instagram - yep. I have an account and do share my photos there though I can't say I will be doing any videos. I won't rule them out but ....   
There are some kinks I need to work out behind the scenes but she is ready to go!  With that.... here we go!
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