New Refrigerator = Love

Yup, that is our wonderful new refrigerator and I love it to pieces!
It was delivered first thing this past Monday morning.
I was not expecting it until around 10 am but received the phone call at 9 stating they would be here in twenty minutes!
Talk about being frantic trying to get all the stuff out of the old one, moving some items around in the kitchen and cleaning up the breakfast dishes. *yikes*
We knew our other one was slowly going.
The handle broke about two years ago, the ice maker decided it was time to stop working and then late last month it was not turning on all the time.
When we came back from visiting with my parents it was barely cold, time to start looking.
We nursed it through one last week by opening up the freezer to have it turn on and pump out the nice cold air.
Last Saturday, we went to our local appliance store and found one we really liked.
The best part is that it was a special order for a woman, she changed her mind and they (the store) wanted to get rid of it - in other words a great deal!
This refrigerator is to sit flush with your countertop so there is no more sticking out.
Plus, it has an ice maker something that is a must have if you live in the south.

Good bye old friend, you did a wonderful job for the past fourteen years.

We actually have more room with this one than the last.
Notice how it sits back in just about flush with the countertop, it makes such a difference.

Oh! I discovered this pound of Mango Butter way in the back of the old refrigerator.
Looks like I can whip up a really nice luxury bar of soap with this, what a great surprise. :)
I had been wondering what happened to it, now I know.

Anonymous said...

Nice Fridge!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the freezer on the bottom! Sooo hard to find. Sabine says 'Hooray! No more bumps on the head!'

Sandy said...

Thanks Mark!

Oh Sabine is so right with the freezer on the bottom. We are really spoiled now.

I discovered while shopping that I do not like handles on the top portion of the doors. Like that nice sleek look - who knew?!

eliza said...

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