Oh happy day!!

The past two weeks I have been salivating craving for a slice of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

All I have wanted was just a piece of moist chocolate cake.

I did have a couple of M&M’s, a few Hershey Kisses, a tiny piece of a Kit-Kat but that was not the slice of cake I had in mind.

Yesterday, we stopped in at Costco for a few items.

Dh spotted the mouth watering chocolate cake they offer and was ready to buy it for me.

I told him no because I would be the only one to eat it – kiddos are not very fond of chocolate cakes.

Where did they come from?

It was a very tempting offer, one that was hard to turn down but I did.

This morning dh went to the grocery store with me, walked me to the baking isle and said what kind of cake do you want.

Now placed on the spot like that it was a really tough decision because my desire for cake was just not there first thing in the morning. After spending five minutes looking at the cake mixes we opted for a Dunkin Hines Milk Chocolate mix.

So, I did whip it up this afternoon and made my own icing.

I was able to snap a picture of the cake before I placed my camera down, grabbed a knife and fork and cut myself a piece of cake.

Oh my… it is so, so, so good!

I have to say that it really hit the spot.

The icing is so nice and fluffy, not too sweet just what I was looking for to be on top of my cake.

Now if you don't mind I am going to have myself another little slice.

This is the recipe that I used – it is from Recipezaar.com.

½ cup shortening

½ cup butter

1 ½ tsp. vanilla

5 cups confectionery’s sugar

3 tbl. milk

  • Cream butter and shortening together then add in vanilla.
  • Then add in the confectionery’s sugar, keeping the mixer on medium.
  • Once all sugar is added in, mix in the milk, mix on high until light and fluffy.
  • You can cover the icing with a moist paper towel until your ready.

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