Waiting until the last minute...

Four weeks ago I signed Spencer up for fall and spring soccer, which was easy enough.

His uniform will be delivered the week of the first game, no worries there.

Cleats were the only item that we needed to make sure he had for the first practice.

The day I sent in the payment I asked him to make sure to try on his old cleats. This way we would know if he could still use them or if we had to buy new ones.

Normally he is quite responsible about getting his chores/requests done promptly.

I asked him two to three times per week over the past four weeks.

The answer was always the same, “Nope, not yet.”


Yesterday I received a call from his new coach telling me that this Thursday (tomorrow) would be the first practice.


I informed him last night that his first practice was Thursday.

I asked him if he tried on his old cleats yet (I knew he had not), his reply was, “I am right now.”

He finds the old pair, opens them up and fights tries to fit his foot inside.

He did not get very far and states, “I need a new pair.”

Looks like we have to go shopping and hope we find a pair.

This is one job I do not like to do with him. lol..


This afternoon I took him shopping for a new pair of cleats and we were able to find a pair within ten minutes.

Pretty good for him!

He is not a shoe shopper at all. There is always something just not right with the shoe/cleat he tries on.

Today, all the stars must have been aligned right for him.

We went in, found two types, tried them on and he picked the one that felt better.

Oh, thank you!

Now, if I can get him next time to try them on before the day he needs them.

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