Rose Hill Plantation

We wanted to do something today that was sort of local.

I had found some information about Rose Hill Plantation last fall and offered that as something to do today.

Looked up the directions to go, gathered up our stuff and we were off!
We stopped along the way at a deli for some mouth watering sandwiches. *yummy*

As we pull up to the entrance to the plantation, I asked for us to stop so I could take a picture. I take out my camera, snap away and then I noticed these three words in red: No Card Found.

I wanted to scream!

I was having a flash back.

Immediately I knew the card was on my portable table next to my laptop in the card reader.

Ritten, Frickin, No Good…

Thank goodness for our little point and shoot camera that was with us!

There was no way for me to snap a picture of the front of the house but it was beautiful!

The magnolias that are in front of the house are absolutely HUGE, they are original to the house and I would love to go back when they are in bloom to take in their fragrance.

The house was built by William H. Gist, it is beautiful and interesting. The plantation at one point was 1,600 acres (I think that is right) now it is 44 acres. Currently, the house is slowly under going restoration. They are doing scrapings of the walls to determine the colors that were once in the house. The house fell into disrepair after the last son departed in 1913, it was purchased in 1945 and restoration began on the beautiful house.
I really wanted to snap pictures inside but only having my point and shoot with us that was not going to be possible. There is no way to turn off the flash on that camera. *pout*

This is the back of the house with a kitchen building.

The grounds are lovely; they have an heirloom garden in the back, and a beautiful rose garden on the side. We did not take a walk down to the Tyger River, it was toasty and we were kinda sweaty from the tour. There was no AC inside the building. *phew*
I would love to go back and see the house is fully restored.

One of the two kitchens that were once located on the property.

On our way back home we found the site of the Battle of Blackstock’s – which was a Revolutionary battle. The road that took us down to the site was single lane. Once we arrived at the end, there was a sign and a trail map. Not what I was thinking….

So, we got out, stretched our legs and then piled back in. We were not walking it today in the heat; we can check it out in the fall.

It was a fun day and I am still in awe of the beauty of the plantation.

I would love to take a trip down towards Charleston and see a few there.

Gate to the front of the house. See the large Magnolia branches?!
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