Burns me up....

Candles that do not burn properly really get under my skin. Grrr!

I love to burn candles/tarts/melts/votives - you name it.

Yes, I have my favorite sites to purchase from but I am always looking for new candles to give a try.

I have purchased candles from some online stores (over the past few months) but have been really disappointed with them. *sigh*

The candles smelled wonderful and I could not wait to use them.

The candles would burn straight down the middle (this is called tunneling).

I made sure that the wicks were trimmed properly, no drafts, and anything else I could think of that might affect the burn.

I wanted to enjoy the candles and the fruity summer fragrances I had selected but instead I was left with half burned candles and disappointment. *rats*

So, I will be back out there off and on looking for some new sites to try.

Sure hope that I will have better luck than what I have been.

Anyone have any recommendations?!

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