The last few nights I have had difficulty sleeping due to my cold. I mean any other night I am normally in a pseudo sleep, not really a deep sleep and not really awake.

Yeah, I know a barrel full of fun.
I can’t really recall the last time I was in a true deep sleep.
Last on summer vacation?!


Last night was the cake topper.

12 am - woke up coughing. Fine, fine able to quell that just by adjusting my head in bed.

2 am.. broke out into a sweat and a horrid sinus headache. *ugh*
I go trudging half asleep into the kitchen and find some head medicine. Poured some water, took medicine and decided to plug in cell phone to charge while I was there. *don't ask*

Right, get back into bed fluff my pillow and find the cool side.
Lay there for thirty minutes w-i-d-e awake. *sigh*

Just as I am finally beginning to doze back into some sort of sleep, I start coughing again. This time I can't make it stop on my own.

Hello.. 3am.

Fine, off to the bathroom I go to locate a cough drop.

I had to turn on the flood lights lights because I can’t see in the closet for them and I become dazed by the light.

Oh joy…

Ah.. there are the natural cough drops.

Pop it in, turn off the lights and plop my head back down to try to get some sleep rest.

Dh is sound asleep, and all I can think of is, “Why is that not me?”

4:25 am – opened my eyes to see the time because I thought I had over slept, nope not the case. Close eyes, go back to slumber land.

5:45 am alarm goes off – hit alarm go back to sleep.

6:10 am alarm goes off again, and this time I have to get going there are lunches to get around and breakfasts to be made.


Anyone have any toothpicks?

This song always floats through my head when I have these wonderful sleepless nights. Just so fitting. (Who Needs Sleep? - Barenaked Ladies)

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