Land of Make Believe - Hope, N.J.

I was able to “go home” for a few hours – kind of - sort of.

You see I am a true Jersey Girl, minus the big hair (and I never had any-go figure!).


We went on Nate’s birthday to the Land of Make Believe; it is tucked in beautiful old Hope, NJ.

My nephew, sil and mil joined us on this trip.

It was a great time for all (for me up until my tilt a whirl experience).

We were able to take out picnic lunch into the park, and leave it while we went on the rides.

We first went on the Action River Ride, it was great! Little trees rained water down upon you, the bridge had water pouring down in the center area, a little rapid area, and the boxes at the end of the ride squirted you with lots of water. Great refreshing fun!

Next up was Blackbeard’s Pirate Fort. The kids loved this; I think they could have stayed playing on this day. Lol There was water falling all over, items you could direct water to the others below, and of course a HUGE bucket on top that would fill with water and yep, dump it on those below.

Then it was off to the wading pool to play on the huge pirate ship located there.
Nate and dh then went down Pirate’s Plunge and then down again. Lol..

The kids wanted some ice cream so off we went in search of some and then it was decided to go on some rides.

Dh was begging me to go on a ride with him. Now, if you have read any of my posts you know I get really bad motion sickness and rides are not my thing. You would think he would understand. *sigh*

Finally, there it was the Tilt-A-Whirl and I agreed to go on it with Nate. (I was thinking it was a different ride.) Spencer with dh and our nephew with mil. OMG! After the first twirl I was ready to lose it, thank goodness for Nate’s cool leg pressed into mine. I closed my eyes and concentrated on it. I swear that was the longest ride of my life. When it was finally over I was shaking and really, really ill. I somehow hobbled back over to where the wading pool was and stretched out on a chair while the rest of the family continued on the rides.
I fell fast asleep for thirty minutes and ended up with yeah, another burn on my shoulders.
Oh joy.
Thirty minutes later I was dreading the ride home, for it was highway then onto twisty turny back roads.
I can say that it took me five hours before I even began to feel myself again. Lol…

Land of Make Believe was a wonderful treat for all of us. The boys still talk about the pirate fort three weeks later!

Make a picnic lunch, pack up the car and head for Hope, NJ for a great day of family fun!

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