CocoaPink Product Review #2

Right before we left CocoaPink was having a great sale that just called my name. *blush*
I skipped over to the site and happily placed items into my shopping cart, paid and was thrilled that I would be receiving another order.

Then it hit me.


We would be away when it arrived, sure I ordered the ice packs but that was not going to be enough to keep the face lotion. *grr!*

I quickly emailed them and asked for my odd request that my order not be sent out until a certain date this would hopefully allow my products to be safe when I arrived home. I was not guaranteed they could do it but you know what? They did!! My items arrived Saturday the day we were driving home and they were still cool on Monday when I picked them up.

Kudos to Coca Pink!!

My order contained:

  • Free Trial Size of Dermabrasion Face Wash – Lemon Sugar
  • I’m 29 Lotion
  • Coco Mango Hand & Body Lotiony –Coconut Mango
  • Scrub Sundae Bar – London Lemon on bottom w/ Blush on top

Again, I am totally blown away by my products.

I have used the face wash (as you can tell) and it leaves my skin so clean and soft. I have noticed such a difference in my complexion using this product once a week and then teaming it with the lotions. WOW! You only need a little bit on your face; the product does not leave your skin rough at all. Just smooth and radiant.

The lotion is quite thick as it states on the site. The lotion does not take long to soak into your skin and is not overly tacky (something I really dislike). I will save this for in later in the winter when my legs begin to really dry out. Oh and the fragrance, wonderful.

Last up for me to try was the scrub. It was so cute! There was a little fake cherry on top and some sprinkles just like the real thing! You were able to order your scrub as a scoop in various fragrances – what a cool idea. There was a whipped item on top (kinda like a thick lotion?), not sure what it is but it is quite nice on your skin. The scrub is emulsified, not overly scratchy, spreads evenly and is such a treat for your skin. No greasiness, nicely moisturized skin and a light fragrance that lingers after you use the product. I feel quite pampered when I use this product.

Seriously, CocoaPink has become one of my favorite bath and body sites that I go back to time and again. Your skin will be in for a wonderful treat when you try the products.

(review of my first order)
Anne-Marie said...

I'm a huge fan of CocoaPink's products. I really like her packaging and appreciate all the work that goes into make such great looking products. =)

Sandy said...

:) Another CP fan!

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