Let me tell you, they are currently not my friend.

Mine have been acting up since the moment we crossed the state line into SC.

No really, it is true.

Within ten minutes of crossing the border I started to sneeze and become stuffy.

Ah, welcome back home!

The whole time while we were away I had no sinus issues, and it was quite lovely.

Actually, I never had sinus problems until we moved south – go figure.

Now home, I am dealing with sinus headaches, stuffy nose and sneezing fits. *groan*

I do take Allegra, Nasnoex and use a netti pot for my issues but some days that is not enough.

My bottle of Excedrin Sinus has become my best friend since we have returned.

I am looking so forward to November when I will get a break for three months, and trust me I will cherish those three months!

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