Chocorooms - review

Nate found these while shopping at World Market a few weeks back.
He is very interested in Asian culture right now and is into trying new candies/food (within his limits).
We all enjoy Chocolate Pocky
and when he found these Chocorooms he just had to try them.
He was a bit hesitant at first but popped one in his mouth and said, "Hey, these are really good."
I was next up.
I mean how could I refuse something that had a cracker bottom and chocolate on top?

The chocolate was smooth, lightly creamy and not overly sweet.
The bottom was crunchy not sweet at all kind of like a biscuit animal cracker.
Put the two items together and you have a nice tasty treat; crunchy and chocolately.
They are actually not bad in the calorie section either.
You can have 11 (if you can stop yourself) with 160 calories, 160 mg of sodium, 20 carbs and 8 g of total fat.
The little chocolate treats come in a sealed foil bag and there are three servings per box.
Would we buy them again?
No doubt about it.
If you like Pocky you are bound to really enjoy these treats.

I used what in my hair?

This morning was one of those that had too many things going on and not a lot of time.
I burnt dh's sausage for breakfast, two lunches to make (one was left behind), kids to take to school, dishes to turn on in dishwasher, dog to trim & wash, and to the vet all before 9:30.
I was running a bit behind, only five minutes before I had to get outta the house and my hair would not style.
Finally, had enough putty in my hair to have it a bit styled and decided to put in some hairspray for a bit of back-up.
Reached for can, began to spray and noticed that it was my deodorant not my hairspray.
So, my hair now smells like ocean mist and fruit.


What Punctuation Mark are You? - Quiz

Alright.. time for another quiz.

I'm pressed for time but wanted to keep everyone busy until I get back later tonight.


Go on and find out what you are!

Punctuation Quiz

Here is my result and it is pretty true.
You Are a Comma
You are open minded and extremely optimistic.
You enjoy almost all facets of life. You can find the good in almost anything.

You keep yourself busy with tons of friends, activities, and interests.
You find it hard to turn down an opportunity, even if you are pressed for time.

Your friends find you fascinating, charming, and easy to talk to.
(But with so many competing interests, you friends do feel like you hardly have time for them.)

You excel in: Inspiring people

You get along best with: The Question Mark


Peeps Salt and Pepper Shakers....

A Peep bunny and chick salt and pepper shaker set by Lenox!
Are these not the cutest shakers you have seen?

I would use them all the time but they would be perfect for Easter.
These are on my wish list and will not be removed until I have them in my little fingers.
You can buy a set for yourself or someone you know and love here.
Really, they are too cute!


Squirrel Safety Tip #1.....

Tip #1 - Go as low as you can on the roof when a hawk is in the area.
Please note that the tail must also be flattened out as to not give yourself away.
I was amazed at how flat this squirrel was able to get, seriously I have never seen one that low before.
As soon as the hawk was done flying over the house it scurried up a tree out of sight.


Cheesy Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes - Recipe

These potatoes are so rich and creamy and SO good!
We were treated to these over Christmas, and the boys ate them all up so I knew I had to have the recipe.
Then again when can you ever go wrong with sour cream and cream cheese in a recipe?
This went very well with the meatloaf we had earlier this week and would go with a roast of your choice.

Link to original recipe.

* Exported from MasterCook *

Cheesy Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes

Recipe By : Hungry Jack
Serving Size: 16
Preparation Time: 20:00
Cook Time: 1 hour
Categories: Potato Side Dish

Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method
-------- ------------ --------------------------------
5 cups water
12 tbl unsalted butter
2 teaspoons garlic salt -- optional
2 teaspoons onion salt -- optional
8 ounces cream cheese -- softened and cubed
1 package cheddar cheese -- shredded and divided
2 cups skim milk
16 ounces sour cream
13 1/3 ounces potato flakes

  • HEAT oven to 350°F. Spray 13 x 9-inch oven safe casserole with non-stick cooking spray; set aside. Heat water, butter, garlic salt and onion salt to boiling in a 6 quart Dutch oven. Remove from heat. Add cream cheese, milk and sour cream, stirring until cream cheese is dissolved.
  • STIR in potato flakes and 1 1/2 cups sharp cheddar cheese, mixing until all ingredients are well combined. Spread mashed potato mixture into prepared pan.
  • BAKE 45 minutes. Remove from oven and sprinkle remaining 1/2 cup cheese on top. Bake an additional 15 minutes, or until bubbling around edges and golden brown.

Before baking, potato mixture can be covered and stored in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours. Uncover and bake as directed above.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Per Serving: 843 Calories; 82g Fat (86.1% calories from fat); 7g Protein; 23g Carbohydrate; 2g Dietary Fiber; 222mg Cholesterol; 610mg Sodium. Exchanges: 1 1/2 Grain(Starch); 1/2 Lean Meat; 0 Non-Fat Milk; 16 Fat; 0 Other Carbohydrates.

  • You really use to regular cream cheese and sour cream, I used the low fat versions and they did not do the recipe justice.
  • I did not use cheddar cheese, figured there was enough dairy in the recipe.
  • We prefer to use garlic/onion powder than the salt, a bit better for your heart.
  • I used our fresh chives to garnish the top; they added a nice flavor to the potatoes.

A lazy dog day...

This gave me such a chuckle this morning when I went into Nate's room.
Two dogs not wanting to face the day, it was the perfect lazy dog day.
Rain, rain and even more rain.


A fun childhood find..Avon Pins...

I know, I know I am dating myself.
(Serioulsy when don't I lately?)
I found these three Avon perfume pins while I was cleaning out the garage closet last weekend when I decided to plunge into a box of childhood stuff.
They are from the 70's, and in quite good condition considering I would wear them all the time.
My great aunt would send them to me as a special gift and I thought they were some of the best gifts ever because when you opened up the back (under the safety pin) there was perfume.
This meant I had my own perfume just like my mom.
Yeah, I was stylin or so I thought at the time.
(Hey, I was between 4-7 when I received them so please be gentle on me.)

Does anyone remember these pins from Avon?



Whoppers, I simply love them.
I treated myself to some yesterday for it has been quite a bit of time since I have had them.
They have not changed a bit (thank goodness).
Wonderful malted milk with a layer of chocolate..oh.boy!
I can say I really enjoyed them but I can't say how many if any are left.

Peanut Butter & Sticker Residue.. Cleaning Tip

So yesterday, I was left with a sticker on the inside of a bowl I purchased for the dogs to be used as a new water bowl.
I went to peel off the sticker and was left with a mess.
>insert grumble<
I had some Dawn dish detergent and thought that might just do the trick. Added a squirt into the dish and poured in some really hot water and let it soak.
Two hours later I decided to see how it did, not good.
Sticky residue was still there.
I hopped on the internet to see what I could use that was not a harsh chemical when I stumbled across a few posts about peanut butter.
Well, I knew we had plenty of peanut butter so why not give it a try. I lightly spread a bit over the area, let it stand then rubbed it off in one direction with a paper towel.
Holy Cow!
It worked and it was all gone in a matter of seconds.
Now I will admit that I did have to put some elbow strength into process but it was really worth it.
The doggies now have a new water dish and I have a new trick on how to remove that awfulsticker residue. Just a helpful tip you can file away for when you need it. *smile*


Baja Fish Tacos - Recipe

Dh wanted something different last Friday night for dinner.
Not pizza, not fish sticks, pasta or tuna patties.
Simply put, we wanted something different.
We put our noggins together and came up with fish tacos; we all eat and enjoy them.
(Trust me if you have never had them, they are oh.so.good!)
Now we wanted fresh fish so off he went and found a recipe to try while I went and bought the fish.

We did make some slight substitutions to the recipe.
I used talapia instead of the cod and for the cabbage I added some apple cider vinegar over top with salt and pepper. Then sat that to the side to let it mellow a bit.
Oh! We used soft taco shells they were alright but hard shells would be much better.

original recipe from Allrecipes.com.

* Exported from MasterCook *

Baja Fish Taco

Recipe By: Ortega
Serving Size: 6
Preparation Time :0:20
Categories: Dinner

Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method
-------- ------------ --------------------------------
1/2 cup light sour cream
1/2 cup light mayonnaise
1/4 cup cilantro -- chopped -fresh
1 package Taco Seasoning mix -- 1.25 oz pkg divided
1 pound Cod -- cut into 1" pieces
2 tbl Canola oil
2 tbl lemon juice
12 taco shells

  • Combine sour cream, mayonnaise, cilantro and two tablespoons of the taco mix in a small bowl.
  • Combine Cod, canola oil, lemon juice, and remaining seasoning mix in a medium bowl; pour into a large skillet. Cook, stirring constantly, over medium-high heat for 4-5 minutes or until fish flakes easily with a fork.
  • Fill taco shells with fish mixture. Top with cabbage, tomato, sour cream mixture, lime juice and taco sauce.

"All Recipes.com"
"6 "
Start to Finish Time:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Per Serving : 922 Calories; 83g Fat (79.5% calories from fat); 17g Protein; 32g Carbohydrate; 3g Dietary Fiber; 41mg Cholesterol; 634mg Sodium. Exchanges: 1 Grain(Starch); 2 Lean Meat; 1/2 Fruit; 16 1/2 Fat; 1/2 Other Carbohydrates.

Welcome Hero Baroness Von Whipped Lash...

I have always wondered what I would look like if I were a super hero.
I know capes are not always wise to have on and can lead to one's demise.
(Thinking about The Incredibles here with Edna saying, "No Capes.")
So anyway, I had the opportunity to create myself as a hero - Woo-Hoo!

The hardest decision for me was a spork or whip?
Sure I could have gone with the bag of groceries but that would have been so expected.
I went with the whip because lately I have been whipping things into order around here right and left.
Plus, they make that neat crack sound. *LOL*

I have to say I am quite happy with how it turned out and my name.
Go, have some fun and create your new alter ego at The Hero Factory.

Garden Gnome Time...

You know spring has arrived at our house when Nate puts out his garden gnome in my flower patch. I'm not a big gnome fan (sorry) but he felt I needed one.
He is a huge gnome fan is always pointing out new ones we should have, I think one is enough. *wink*



What I did this weekend...cleaning...

What an exciting weekend I had on my hands.
I really don't think so.
We have this closet (we call it a cubby area) in our garage and it tends to become very, very unruly.
This past weekend, dh took everything out and I put everything back with some organizational wizardry.
We can actually get into the area, turn around and find what what we need!
The tools are hanging up (where they should be) and it looks so much better.
Now the challenge will be to see if we can keep it this way.
*crosses fingers*
I can honestly say that I don't want to have to clean it out again anytime soon.

Anti-Theft Lunch Bag...

Alright so this caught my eye this morning and I just had to share.
What a fun way to keep someone from taking your lunch.
I would have loved to have had these while in high school when I was a freshmen.
You see for some very odd reason on the days when I would take a liverwurst, mustard & cheese sandwich my lunch would be gone!
Trust me they really are good sandwiches.
I'm not sure why they selected that specific day or who else would enjoy those sandwiches as much as I did.
To this very day I have no idea who had taken them.
These sandwich bags might have done the trick of keeping them away.
Psst... April 1st is right around the corner.. you get where I'm going with this?
So, if you want to get some Anti-Theft Lunch Bags for yourself or someone you know click here.


Cute Cupcake Sniffle Holder

I think this just too cute and perfect for anyone who loves cupcakes.
This fabric cover is sure to bring a smile to any who notices it and especially to anyone who is sick.
A great, fun way to hide that icky box of tissues as a cute cupcake.
Could it get any better?!
Plus, there are not calories involved (that is always nice).

Get your cupcake sniffle holder here.


Peanut Butter Cookies - Recipe

Peanut butter cookies...oh yummy!
I would have to say that these are my favorite cookie.
There is something about peanut butter that makes everything good!
This recipe is from a babysitter my parents would call on when they went out which was not very often and she was also my BF's older sister.
Enjoy and remember a nice big cold glass of milk!

* Exported from MasterCook *

Lisa's Peanut Butter Cookies

Serving Size : 120 Preparation Time :0:00
Categories : Cookies

Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method
-------- ------------ --------------------------------
1 cup shortening
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup peanut butter
1 cup sugar
1 cup brown sugar -- packed
2 large eggs -- well beaten
1 tablespoon skim milk
2 cups sifted all purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon baking soda

  • Combine shortening, salt, peanut butter and mix well. This should be done in a separate bowl.
  • Gradually add granulated sugar and brown sugar; cream well after each addition.
  • Add eggs, milk and mix well sift together flour and soda.
  • Blend with first mixture.
  • Drop the dough by teaspoonful onto greased sheets. *
  • Bake 325 for 15 to 20 minutes

"10 dozen"
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Per Serving: 48 Calories; 3g Fat (53.3% calories from fat); 1g Protein; 5g Carbohydrate; trace Dietary Fiber; 4mg Cholesterol; 27mg Sodium. Exchanges: 0 Grain(Starch); 0 Lean Meat; 0 Non-Fat Milk; 1/2 Fat; 0 Other Carbohydrates.

Serving Ideas:

  • Wonderful with a cold glass of milk.


* You can also use parchment paper to bake the cookies on.

Do not over bake.

Can use all butter if you would like instead of the shortening.

Not your average Tic Tac Toe....

Everyday Spencer and I wait in line for Nate to get out of school, which is about twenty five minutes.
Some days we will tackle his homework while we wait, other days he goes outside and will play with some other kids.
Yesterday, he whipped out a sheet of paper and said, "we are playing tic tac toe."
Alrighty then, I had been told.
I won a round, then he won, then we went a few rounds with no wins, that's alright.
So then he told me we had to come up with a different design not the typical x & o.
If you look at the picture you will notice a first round with flowers and a stick person but if you look closer it is what he drew in our next round that gave me a chuckle.
If you see the smile face (mine) you also notice the stick figure with this thing hanging down.
He drew a stick figure with a disco ball and the sparkles that shine off the ball!
Honestly, not your average game of tic tac toe.
BTW- he won that round.
I think it was due to all the sparkles he kept drawing. *wink*


Oh yes we did....

Georgia Peach Rita's Italian Ice.
Our treat from Rita's free Italian Ice spring celebration.

Looks like spring to me....

I planted some radish seeds outside in a planter today, with some luck they will be ready in about a month. Excellent color & flavor for our salads.

Our planter chives have come back super strong.
I thought they were totally gone last year but it appears that I was wrong.

These little blue wild flowers pop up all over the yard in the spring and fall.

The daffodils are all in bloom and the tulips are not far behind.
Plus as you can tell the day was filled with beautiful sunshine.
Yahoo! Spring is here.

Happy Spring!!!

Happy Spring!!


A lovely little cupcake necklace...

There I was just surfing over at Amazon.com tonight just looking at various items.
I decided to have some fun and type in cupcake necklace and what popped up?
This sweet cupcake pendant, really, you have to admit that it is adorable.
You have a tiny bit of bling for the frosting and gold for the cupcake portion, the perfect combination.
Would I really wear this?
Uh... yes.
If you would like one for yourself click here.
Oh! if you are an ice cream fan (or know of one), I noticed a great ice cream cone pendant here.

Celebrate Spring with a Free Rita's Italian Ice-- Freebie

Tomorrow is the first day of spring, can you believe it?!
The daffodils and Red Bud trees are in bloom, the leaves are beginning to form on the Dogwood trees, yup, spring is in the air.
To celebrate the first day of Spring, Rita's Italian Ice is giving away a free regular size Italian Ice!

When: March 20th
Time: Noon - 10 pm
Where: at participating Rita's

So, go and enjoy the first day of spring with a free Italian Ice from Rita's.
(I know the boys and I will be at ours once they are out of school. We love Rita's!)

Click here for more information and to locate your nearest Rita's.

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