Ah.. love that mouth watering aroma.

It simply fills the air and can make you so hungry!

I treat the family to bacon every weekend, yet some weekends I just can’t seem to get enough.

I mean really, both Nate and Spencer could can eat a pound all by themselves if I were to let them.

Me..eh, it’s fine. (Ask me ten years ago and I could never get enough of the stuff.)

So, in honor of the almighty bacon I found some items that will keep that bacon lover in your life happy.

If you would like a bit of one stop shopping, then Perpetualkid.com is just for you.

You will find:

Bacon Floss – floss your teeth and taste that wonderful flavor.

Bacon Flavored Mints

Bacon Bandages

Gummy bacon and a few other fun bacon items.

Bacon Salt – now you can have that wonderful flavor on whatever you crave. Ya know I bet it would be really good on buttery popcorn.

Bacon Candles from Very Funny Gifts – not to sure about this one. Just hope it would not smell like burnt bacon. *eew!*

BLT Candles from Grateful Plate– a votive for each of the ingredients that create that mouth watering sandwich.

A bacon scarf– found on etsy by reddhynes.

Happy Shopping!

Side Note: Hormel lower sodium bacon is our favorite.

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