Making Lip Balm

I decided to finally make some lip balm late last week.
I have had the supplies since oh- ah, January. *blush*My lips beginning to feel a bit dry from the summer heat, and was time to do something about it. Sure I enjoy treating myself to lip balm made by others but I also like to make my own.

I purchased some other oils earlier this year to add into my lip balm so I could tinker with a new recipe for myself. Sure, I have a good recipe that I use but I wanted to try and create something slightly new!

Now if you use Shea Butter, Kokum Butter, Mango Butter you need to make sure to temper your oils, if not you run the risk of it becoming grainy on you. There is nothing worse than grainy lip balm. *eew* I have read that some have this issue with Cocoa Butter but to this day I have never had an issue. *knocks on wood*

I should have a double boiler to melt the ingredients but I have to admit that I have always just dunked a Pyrex measuring cup into the boiling water (holding it up off the bottom of the pan). If you do try to create your own lip balm please, oh please, DO NOT microwave items together. It is not safe, I have heard of too many horror stories.

My lip tubes came from Lip Balm Tubes– I had actually won them on a forum that I am a member on, it was a sampler and perfect for me to tinker with balms again.
The lip balm oil came from Southern Soapers, pink lemonade and whoa! it really is just like the real thing. *sweet* Make sure you know the amount to add - those that I have from this site are to be used at no more than 1%. I have others that state up to 3%, so make sure you watch. I do not use sweetener in my balms, again that is a personal choice. I have used presweetened flavoroils in the past and they were a a nice hit with the younger crowd. I used those from Bittercreek and peach from The Chemistry Store.

There is no doubt about it, making lip balm is a bit messy. I normally use wax paper to cover up a portion of my counter but I was out so aluminum foil filled in this time. You can see how I did not pour them nice and clean (I did try) but cleaned you would never know. *wink*

All ingredients out and ready to begin. Notice the weight, I tare that out and then begin to add the ingredients.

All ingredients added and beginning to melt.

Everything melted and now ready to add in the flavor oil.

All poured - messy. *oops*

Here is a simple recipe you can try – this was the first one I used.

1 part Beeswax
1/2 part Sweet Almond Oil
1/2 part Cocoa Butter
1/2 part Shea Butter
Melt all together, add in flavor oil, then pour into containers.

** add flavor oil to correct percentage.**

A part can be a tablespoon, teaspoon, cup. Just know that the larger the amount used, the more lip balm you are creating.

You can chance the amounts or use other oils. Go ahead and have fun with it!

If you do not have all the oils and butters or you would rather use something premade, you can purchase balm base already made.You can check out the base from Bittercreek.
I used this and was quite happy for many years.


I simply did not have all the items on hand at any one time (when in business) because I only worked with melt & pour soap.

It is still a tiny bit too heavy for my preference so I may end up melting it down and adding in a bit more coconut oil and caster. I dunno.. it is nice as it is but… *I* would like it just a bit lighter. We shall see what happens.

neutron said...

Sandy, you are one crafty woman.

Sandy said...

Thanks neutron.
It keeps me out of trouble. ;)

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