Chocorooms - review

Nate found these while shopping at World Market a few weeks back.
He is very interested in Asian culture right now and is into trying new candies/food (within his limits).
We all enjoy Chocolate Pocky
and when he found these Chocorooms he just had to try them.
He was a bit hesitant at first but popped one in his mouth and said, "Hey, these are really good."
I was next up.
I mean how could I refuse something that had a cracker bottom and chocolate on top?

The chocolate was smooth, lightly creamy and not overly sweet.
The bottom was crunchy not sweet at all kind of like a biscuit animal cracker.
Put the two items together and you have a nice tasty treat; crunchy and chocolately.
They are actually not bad in the calorie section either.
You can have 11 (if you can stop yourself) with 160 calories, 160 mg of sodium, 20 carbs and 8 g of total fat.
The little chocolate treats come in a sealed foil bag and there are three servings per box.
Would we buy them again?
No doubt about it.
If you like Pocky you are bound to really enjoy these treats.

Yet said...

that actually sounds delicious! I'm so hungry right now! hehe. Your blog is very nice. I love to tub theme you have.

Sandy said...

If you get the chance give them a try. :) Thank you for the compliment.

neutron said...

Whoa, these look awesome! I wonder if I can find something like this in my neck of the woods???

Sandy said...

hmmm... I would say to check out your local Asian store or perhaps a store that sells foreign candy.
Good luck and if you find them let me know whatcha think!

Anonymous said...

Just to let you all know... I just found these myself and they rock! they are actually available at Aldi right now! I found them selling at 3 locations. :0)

Sandy said...

See, I knew there were others out there who really liked them! :>
Thanks for the tip..looks like I know where I will be going later this week. I don't think you can ever have too many "spare" boxes around the house.

Anonymous said...

i just go these at aldis and they are so good they remind me of hellp panda

Sandy said...

Glad to hear more are trying them! I will have to look for the other candy you mention. :)

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