Cereal ID Quiz Time

I do not normally eat cereal any more in the morning for breakfast but today I was going to live on the edge. (It’s a milk issue for me)

I poured myself the last of the Fruit Loops add some milk and mm… fruit loops.

Now I normally eat them dry for a quick snack when I am looking for something sweet to eat.

A great low calorie snack and satisfies my cravings.

I grew up eating all sorts of cereal; my mom would allow those wonderful sugary types in the house. (thanks mom!)

My all time favorite cereal is Life.

I love cereal, just too bad I can’t enjoy it as much as I used too. *pout*

Anywho…I stumbled across this great cereal quiz a few weeks back, just never knew when to post it. Looks like today is the lucky day. *wink*

So you think you know your cereal?

Take the Breakfast Cereal ID Quiz and see how well you do.

My score: 18/20 – pretty good if I say so myself.

Let me know your scores.

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