Hey Mom, I smell something burning....

Hello, I think I heard something like this a few months ago.

Ah yes, I sure did.

>Insert day dream bubble and flash back to Honey, What's burning.<

This time it was Spencer whose nose caught the scent of something “burning.”

I leapt off the couch, checked the fan (nope, not it), recalled nothing baking or cooking in the oven so it left one thing.

The washer.


Sure enough as soon as I stepped foot into the room I smelled that awful burnt rubber smell. *gag*

I pushed the button to stop the washer and unplugged it.

Not sure why I unplugged it but at the time it seemed like a good idea.

I took out all the laundry, rinsed it off (since that was the cycle it was in) and the then put it outside to dry.

Looks like we will be taking the front panel off and seeing what is up and a then placing a phone call to our repair man on Monday morning. *sigh*

This is really not what I want to deal with 2.5 weeks before school starts.


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