No I’m not doing gymnastics (I would do some serious damage to myself), but rock tumbling!

We have been going gem hunting for a few years now and have quite a pile of various stones.

About five years ago (uh-huh, that long ago), we purchased a rock tumbler. We were going to tumble the rocks right after we found them.

Magic word = were

Never happened.

We tried once but it made so much noise we stopped the batch we were working on, so we packed it up and there it sat.

That is until today.

I found all our bags of stones & I think a few gems, so I dug out the tumbler and we are tumbling now.

I put all the tiny stones/gems in to tumble first. This will have to work for two days, then I will take them out rinse off and on to step two. Basically, I have added water, stones/gems and silicon carbide grit. The grit will be changed three times, going from a large size down to a small which will help smooth the stones. J

I am really looking forward to seeing what we have once this batch is done.

Fingers are crossed it all works out.

I totally forgot about these beautiful amethysts that we found on one of our outings. They will be propped up on our bookcase in our family room for a bit.

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