'Twas the night before...

You thought about the story didn’t you?

Well, in our house it is the night before school starts.

You can just feel all the nerves and anxiety bubbling from my children.

Yep, tomorrow the boys will be back to the grind for another year.

(Fingers & toes crossed for a good year.)

We ran a few quick errands otherwise I left them to do anything they wanted.

They selected playing a pc game against each other and then their Nintendo DS games.

I however went and got the mom mobile (that is what I call my car) ready for service.

I steam cleaned out the spills and blobs from the summer,

Washed down the windows and stuck two cotton balls that had been dipped in fragrance oil inside so it will smell nice and fresh.

Backpacks are ready to be put to use.

Sneakers have been broken in.

Lunch boxes are half full – just need to make the sandwiches in the am.

Cinnamon buns have been made for breakfast. (new recipe up tomorrow)

Alarm clocks are all set - wonder who will get up on time?

Kids in bed by 9 pm and here it is 9:57 pm and they are still up rolling around.

Oh, it will be a long day for them tomorrow.

Rats, looks like summer vacation is really over for us. *sigh*

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