Good thing...

This morning after dropping the boys off at school I need to get some gas for the mom-mobile. Off I drove to the gas station, noticed the price of $3.28 a gallon – sweet!

Pulled up to the first pump only to find that it had a red bag on the handle stating that it was out of order.

Then I went behind a guy who was trying to place cash into the credit card slot.

Um.. alright… backed up out of that lane, I could just see it taking a bit of time.

Finally, in a lane and filled up. Woo-Hoo!

Drove home and dh (who was working from home) asked if I wanted to go get a coffee and a bagel. Hello! He did not have to ask me twice. *wink*

We passed the same gas station that I bought gas at not even twenty minutes before hand and the price had gone up to $3.35!

Seven cents.

No delivery was happening.

The only thing that was different was that a hurricane is on the way.


Just when I thought the prices would go down a bit more, guess not now.

Side note:

I do hope that those who live in the way of this hurricane take the warnings seriously.

*photo from FreeFoto.com
FlipFlop Mom said...

I get so upset about these gas/oil prices ( being a New Englander)... it frustrates me.. we are still up to $3.59.. I'm sure it's more since this morning...

I want the hurricane to GO AWAY!!! But I'm bossy like that!!

Sandy said...

I hear you on the hurricane but it does not look like it is going away.

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