John Deere Drawings for Dad

Over this past weekend I was able to put together my dad's Christmas gift.

I purchased some pen and ink cards of John Deere tractors back in October.

This was just perfect; you see my dad restores old John Deere tractors.

Odd hobby in some ways but it keeps him busy and happy.

These John Deere drawings are beautifully created by Carolyn DeMorest Serrano a local NC artist who can be found at The Curb Market in Hendersonville, NC.

I zipped to Michael's and picked up with the boys the mats and frames.

They were very good at helping me decide what would look good with them.

I am pleased with how they turned out and I know my dad will really enjoy them.

He should not find out about these for they have no clue I have this blog.

Well, I hope they don't.

*crosses fingers*

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