Do you see it on the picture?

That lovely green?!


Finally, we have some decent rain from Fay.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

You have no idea how dry it is here. (Well, perhaps if you live in my area you do)

It is like one big giant tinder box out there, it is so, so dry.

We are now in an extreme drought by our state standards and exceptional by the U.S. Government standards.

The county I live in was deemed by (our) Governor Sanford a few weeks ago as the most drought stricken region in the state. :-(

The Upstate region has only had something like 21 inches of rain this whole year which is way below average. Hopefully, we can see something like 1- 3 inches, though some weather forecasts have stated a bit more. In the end, we will take whatever we get.

Nate said that when it finally started to rain yesterday all he heard were cheers coming from the various classrooms.

Fingers are crossed that with fall around the corner we will be able to pick up some more rain.

Today though, I will enjoy the sound of the rain drops falling it is quite refreshing.

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