What a treat it was today to have the windows opened!

We had a refreshing breeze today that allowed us to turn off the ac, open the windows and enjoy the fresh air.

I love and cherish the days during the summer when we can do this for they are few and far between.

Unfortunately, once the sun went down our breeze went away.

So we had to go around and close up the house and turn on the ac.


Well, it is 76 degrees out there at 9:45 pm, 57% humidity and the temp inside is creeping up to the uncomfortable level.

I am looking forward to about five weeks from now when we can turn off the ac for the season (woo-hoo) and simply enjoy the cool air.

To me there is nothing like a cool refreshing breeze.

FlipFlop Mom said...

Oh.. Honey.. I'm sorry about your heat.. Here in New England.. I think we had two weeks of heat and muggs.. and then the rest RAIN!!! so no A/C on this summer.. now the days.. GOSH are amazingly beautiful.. low 80's.. a breeze.. perfect for hanging laundry... and sunny.. great time to read a book on the deck!!

Sandy said...

Mm... I am looking forward to your weather here within the next month. :)
It has been one long hot and overly dry summer here. :(

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