Hershey's Candy Corn Kisses - Review

A few weeks ago we were at Hershey’s Chocolate World and we stumbled upon a variety of kisses that we had never seen before.

Since Nate really likes candy corn, we simply had to buy a bag for him to try.

We finally broke them out yesterday to give them a try. (I know, how could we have waited so long but some how we managed.)

Nate was actually the first to pop on in and give it a try.

His exact word were: “ Hmmm..just like candy corn, it takes good.”

With those words I simply had to give them a try.

I unwrapped one, noticed how cute they looked and smelled just like candy corn!

Popped it in my mouth and was welcomed by a nice smooth creamy taste that was just like candy corn.

They are a hit in this house!

I’m not sure if/when they will hit your local market but when you do find them, give them a try. I think they would be great in a sugar type cookie, however you eat them enjoy!

I will state that I have read some reviews where those who tired them did not like them at all.

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