Hatcher Garden and Woodland Preserve...

Hatcher Garden & Woodland Preserve
is beautiful garden located in Spartanburg, SC.

DH used to work in this area and always wanted to go but some how he never made it there.

We (as a family) took a trip to the the garden on the first day of spring, it was warm and lovely.

(Plus, we as a treat we went for lunch at our favorite Thai restaurant -Thai Taste.)

The garden is a wonderful place to go, enjoy the silence and relax from it all.

Families were walking around looking watching the wildlife, talking their spring pictures and simply enjoying themselves.

The bulbs were in blooming and so were some of the trees.

We had never seen the Star Magnolia before; it is one stunning flower and has such a beautiful fragrance.

There was a nice path, plenty of benches and even a few areas to sit with a picnic lunch.

I would really like to go back and check it out later in the spring once the trees have their leaves and see what it looks like.

A wonderful way to have spent the first day of spring. :D


Finally Planted.....


Those sweet little flowers that tend to make you smile whenever you see them.

It is a wonderful sign of spring when you can plant them.

One thing living in the south is that you actually get to plant them twice a year spring and fall.

I must admit that we bought this flat of pansies in *cough November cough*, they were protected from the cold/frosts since I placed them by the side of the house.

Now, they are blooming with the warmer weather and happy to have finally been planted. :)


I have new wheels....

A bike! (dh, and kiddos also have one now)

I love it!

When we got home last night I had to take it for a short spin.

The thrill of the ride, the wind on the face and just the feeling to total freedom was so refreshing!

Now the sore legs those are something else. ;->

Looking forward to going on a ride (no hills -yet) this weekend with DH. :)


A Cup of Water...

Alright, last week I had to take the boys to a hotel for them to take the state writing test.

(They do virtual schooling which meets all of the state standards which also means that they need to take the state tests.)

Right... so I went outside and enjoyed the brilliant sun, read my book and enjoyed a little bit of me time. :)

When 3:00 o'clock arrived Spencer and I made our way over to where Nate was testing. Parents gathered around, signed out their children and waited.
No big deal.

It was a semi tight area but more than enough room for all to move about and get to where they needed to be.

That was until one parent stopped dead center to chat with another and their children joined them.

There was not a lot of room and people were bumping into one another, which means something was going to happen.

The one mother holding a cup of water was bumped and it splashed ice and water all over the floor. This woman apologized to her daughter and the other parent then.....

she told her daughter to cut behind the table and out the back door.



The other parents stood around looking at the water and talking about it.

Uh... right...

Off I went to the front desk and asked for someone to mop up the disaster before someone fell.


It really bugged me that the parent left when all she had to do was go to the front desk and ask for someone to clean up the water.

How long does it take?!



It's that time again...

to mow the lawn.

We had to mow ours for the first time this year, looks like spring is really here. :)

I noticed my bleeding heart starting to pop up and a few other flowers making their way above ground.

Ah... spring!


Smiley Face Pancake Pan - Fun Find

This smiley face pancake pan is sure to bring a smile to those young and old!

I mean really how could you not get a smile out of anyone who seems them on a plate?!

This nonstick pan makes 7 - 3" pans at a time so nobody will be waiting too long for a smile. :)

To read more about this pan or to purchase your own check out JCPenny.com.


My Friday..

Today is my Friday! :D

Dh, boys and I have a three day weekend ahead of us, thank goodness!

The past two weeks have been so.very.long and we need some unwinding.

Bring it on!


Cakewich Sandwich Cake Mold...

This would be so much fun for a birthday cake let alone a cake for any reason!

You can place whatever filling you would like on the inside once you cut it; the sky is the limit on what you can make.

Check out the mold at Perpetual Kid.com and bookmark the site!


Spring is in the air....

Yup, spring is in the air!

I have daffodils, hyacinths, and other beautiful spring time flowers popping up.

The birds are singing away every morning when the sun comes up.

Cleaning up some remaining leaves (grrr!), trimming back some bushes in our front yard and clearing out areas to put mulch down in some areas.

I'm also in the process of deciding what new shade bulbs to plant in a corner of our yard.
I need to make up my find fast because there is a short period of time before it will be too late to plant them.

Our spring seems to vanish within a few weeks and then it is full force summer here in SC.

Spring is really here. :D


Changing times....

With a lovely touch of spring in the air I opted to go out and get new pots for a few of our house plants.
The poor things were way over due for some new pots and I was in the mood to do the job.
Plants are happier now and I have completed one spring project.


Red Sky in Morn

Our sky this morning, it was such a vibrant red.

I always think of the saying:

Red sky in morn, sailor's warn,
Red sky at night, sailor's delight.
When rain comes before wind,
Halyards, sheets, and braces mind.
But when wind comes before rain,
Soon you may make sail again.

Looks like a sign that the snow is coming, anywhere from 2-4 inches.

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