Oh no, not again....

We were having such a wonderful day as a family.
Beautiful weather.

Great bagel deli sandwiches for lunch.

Wonderful tour of Rose Hill Plantation.

Finding the Battle of Blackstock’s (just a neat discovery – even if there was not much there.)

Then Nate had to chime in (as were leaving the dirt road) with, “Wouldn’t it be ironic if we had the same kind of issues with the car as we…”

At this point, I said to him, “Stop now, I don’t want to know what you are going to say and let’s not go there.”

He grumbled at me and became moody.

Dh and I were chatting away once we were back on the road heading back towards our house.

When what the *&#$@ is that awful noise I hear.

I turned down the music and shot dh a look of what in the world is happening.

Does not sound good at all and we are still out in the middle of well, honestly, nowhere!

The noise gets louder, service engine light comes on, I notice a place to pull off and then the car just dies.

OMG! How in the world be happening to us again?!

I looked at Nate and simply shook my head at him, then stated, “Next time, please keep it to yourself.”

So, there we were 80 miles from home, in some old turn off for a garage/store, hot, nothing to drink and the car broken.

Great, just great.

Dh calls AAA (thank goodness for that) and begins to explain where we are located and they could not find on their map. Then dh asked me if we had a map to perhaps help them out – thank goodness I picked up a free on at the plantation – it came in so handy!

Well, after a thirty minute call we were told that it would be at least an hour before a tow truck would arrive. Ugh… we were sweaty, tired, thirsty and so frustrated.

I snapped a picture and we tired to make the best of it all.

I am happy to say that we did have two people stop and ask if we needed help.
Thank you!

Dh had called a co-worker (we were about an hour from where he works) to see if he could come and take us back home. What a wonderful friend, he knew of an auto shop that tows cars and could work on it for us. The AAA tow truck was called and cancelled. The auto shop would come out and get it in the AM for us and look at it right away.

So… not too happy we had to leave it on the side of the road like that but it was better than having it towed 80 miles and not knowing where to have it taken too!

When we finally arrived home at 8 pm, I was tickled pink to be home again.

Now, we sit and wait to hear what is up with the car.

Fingers are crossed that it is not anything too major but somehow I don’t think so.


neutron said...

Wow, baaaad deal. Glad you guys are okay though.

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