Beautiful View from Caesars Head

We were up and out of the house early today to head up to Caesars Head State Park not far from us.
 The leaves have turned and it was a perfect time to take walk in the woods. 
We timed our arrival just right before some groups arrived.

Perfect view of Table Rock

Such a beautiful view- we could see the morning fog rising below us.

So peaceful

Looking North - NC just on the horizon.

New Stairs to Devils Kitchen
The stairs used to be wooden with no handrails. 

Devils Kitchen - tight fit
Always gives me the creeps going through it.

Love the trees.

Stairs on our trail hidden by leaves.

Simply a wonderful morning to
 crunch the leaves
 enjoy the silence 
 take in the breathtaking view from Caesars Head.

Caesars Head Information >> here


Pumpkin Cake Doughnuts - Baked

You know fall is in the air when you start baking with apples and pumpkin. 
I bought a donut mold last month just waiting for the right time to make some treats for the family.
Nip in the air = Perfect time 

I was a bit skeptical that a baked doughnuts would taste good but oh.my!
These doughnuts were very easy to make and so tasty.

The recipe stated that it would make 12 but I ended up making 21 (one happy camper).
The doughnuts were quite moist and full of pumpkin flavor.
The cinnamon and sugar topping added the right amount of sweetness. 

Grab your doughnut pan (or you can use a muffin tin) and whip up a delicious treat for breakfast.


Brevard, NC - day trip

Last Saturday we piled into the Jeep and headed north. 
The destination was to be a small town in SC but...
we decided to check out another park with a look out for birds but....
we missed the turn off on a REALLY twisty, narrow road so...
we just drove until the road ended in NC and opted to
 spend some time in Brevard, NC. 
Brevard has White Squirrels and was on a mission to snap a picture of one.
I did see one scampering about on a lawn but did not have my camera ready. :-(
Spencer on the other hand kept saying, " Hey, there's one. Ooo... over here, Mom, this way."
Guess it was his lucky day to be the white squirrel spotter.
We spent our time strolling around the town, checking out the quaint stores and just enjoying ourselves.
Some of the sites of town.

LOVE this cinema - notice the lights above each of the doors. 
Would have really liked to have been able to see the inside.

Beautiful quilts outside one of the quaint stores.

Such a fun city sign. :) 

Loved the white squirrel next to the planter.

Such a fun chair.

Crow Sculpture - missing one crow in the picture

Lunch was at a great pub that DH had been to before while working for another company.
Check out Dugan's Pub  - excellent Fish & Chips!

Great time - now to snap a picture of the white squirrels the next time we get back. 


Call Me Maybe... Big 10 Mascots

I simply had to share the Big 10 Mascots doing "Call Me Maybe."

Great Job!

You will need to view it on YouTube because of licensing content.

It is worth it, you will smile.

I may bleed Blue & White but  I love Sparty *blush*.

Watch Me...


New Driver and Mustang Dreaming...

Yes, we now have another permitted driver in the house.
I can't get over the fact that he can learn how to drive. 
(feeling old here)
Nate could have went for his driving test last year when he turned 15 but driving does not really interest him.
I can recall counting down the days, hours and minutes until I could get my license.
Now we have to get him behind the wheel of one of our cars and drivers ed lessons. 

Then he can go for a full license!
I can say we are kicking ourselves for not getting him his beauty last year.
He expressed a tiny bit of interest in this '65 Mustang Convertible 
 Until Now...
Heavy Sigh....
It was a great deal and of course has been sold. 
We are on the look out for another.

Just calling out for a new home. 

Still had the Pony.

Under the wraps... and looking good.

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