Motorsports on Main - 2010

This is one long over due post.
 Motorsports on Main was held way back in September of 2010.
I took the boys down to see the cars that were going to be on display with a bit of coaching.
We love Top Gear.
(I adore Richard, Jeremy & James - and there is only one Top Gear.)
They were a bit unsure but one we were there they were busy snapping their own
pictures and checking out all of the race cars. 

 We caught sight of Bib a few times walking around and making everyone smile. 


Side vent of a BMW M3 (this is one of my favorite pictures)

Check out the saying on the back end of the car.

An electric car that was done by graduate students at Clemson University. 
You can read more about Deep Orange here.

Almost a poster material *I* think. 
Tinkering with some filters after cropping the phot. 

This was such a beautiful car!
It was the Abruzzi "Spirit of LeMans" by Panoz
The pictures do not do this car justice it has to be seen in person.
Read about the Abruzzi here and Panoz car company here.

Side view of the Abruzzi

 Same BMW just different views.

I took so many pictures that night it was hard to narrow the selection down. 
Hoping that they will bring this back again this year because we are ready!

 Thank you, Michelin for a wonderful time surrounded by some memorizing race cars.


Hockey Pay Back...

Ah.. hockey pay back during playoffs.


Greatest Office Prank: "Welcome to Bruins Country" from climbhighproductions on Vimeo.
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