Curly Wurly Candy Bar - Review

This happens to rank up there with my all time favorite candy bars. (A girl can have a few favorites.)

They remind me of the old M&M/Mars Marathon candy bar from the 70’s.

(shh...no comment on my age.)

The candy bar is made by Cadbury and is from the UK so when I stumble across them I normally pick up a few.

It is simple but oh so good.


So what is a Curly Wurly?

A flat piece of lattice style caramel that is dipped into milk chocolate, it does not get much simpler that that I don’t believe.

The milk chocolate is not overly sweet but nice and creamy.

The bar is chewy and simply quite tasty!

You can purchase them from a few online stores if you are not able to find some locally.

Trust me you are in for a treat.

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