Woolly Bugger Farm Soaps – Review

This lovely little gem from Woolly Bugger Farm Soaps was tucked inside my Little Black Box that I received back in February. (yeah, I still have quite a few goodies left to try.)

The fragrance of the bar sent was Apricot Mango and it is quite soothing.
The bar is so cute, 1.5 oz, and is the perfect size to sample.
The lather is nice, thick and rich. (Who doesn’t like a thick lather?!)

Gentle exfoliation provided by some flax seeds (?), the bar is not overloaded with them. I am not really sure if they are flax seeds (the reason for the question mark), there is nothing on the label or on the web site. The way they look and feel, leads me to believe flax seeds.

I am really enjoying this bar and glad I found it in my stash of products.
With this bar added into the pool of soaps, I currently have eight wonderful bars to select from. *grin*

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