The Soap Store – Review

You know by now that I enjoy treating myself to handmade bath & body products.
Last month, I decided to try some soap and a lip scrub from The Soap Store on Etsy. (love Etsy!)
(Her business website)
I have known about her products for a bit of time but never purchased any.

I am so glad that I have finally tried them!

My first purchase was four of her half soaps.
What great idea!
This is a perfect way to allow customers to sample your soaps without buying a whole bar.

The soaps I ordered were: Stress Relief, Frosted Berries, Herbal Citrus Sorbet and Provence.
It was hard to select which one to use first but I opted for the Frosted Berries.
Mmm… great lather, nice big bubbles and a wonderful citrus fragrance. *swoon*
Next up was the Provence; love the look of the bar but not my type of fragrance. I had wanted to try a new fragrance something different. Again, this bar had great lather and bubbles, but the fragrance was just not for me. Then came the stress relief, this has always been on of my favorite fragrances. This bar did not fail me. The fragrance was perfect, and was like the past bars with performance. The only bar I have yet to try is the Herbal Citrus Sorbet, I am looking forward to using it soon.

The lip scrub is absafrickinlutely the best. I use it weekly and my lips are so nice and soft. I wanted something to help keep my lips healthy (along with my lip balm) and this is just the trick!

My last order was for her shampoo and another bar of the Frosted Berries. (I love that frosted berries soap.) I do color my hair and I have found many of the products on the market (yes, even those in a salon) strip the colorant out way too fast. I emailed some questions, was happy with the reply so I went ahead and purchased the product. I bought the coconut scented shampoo and let me tell you it is some of the best! After one week, my hair is shiny, manageable, and feels so soft. My colorant has not even begun to wash out and it is has been three weeks since it was colored. Another plus, I no longer need conditioner.

My orders have been here in a blink of an eye, seriously, she is fast with her shipping.
The Soap Store has become one of my favorites and I think it just may become on of yours.

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