Morning Laughter

Nate gave me a really good laugh this morning.
He came out wearing shorts – nothing really odd about that but it was still only 48 and kinda breezy outside.
I asked him in a quizzical way shorts?!
He looked at me and said, “Yeah, I have no pants.”
“Really,” I say
“Really Mom, I have no pants.” he states.
My reply, “If you would make sure your clothes are in the hamper you would have some pants.” (He can so lazy with picking up his room some weeks.)
Nate looks up and simply grumbles something at me. You know how pre-teen boys can be they have their own talk of grunts and grumbles.
I needed to get something out of our bedroom so I left him and as I strolled past his door I nearly fainted.
I could see his floor, not just a spot here and there but really the whole thing and his blinds were open!
Look to the corner and Holy Cow! his clothes were in the hamper.

(This is the point I began to chuckle to myself.)
Guess someone needed some clothing washed.
You see the rule in the house is if your clothes are in the hamper, I will more than happily wash them. If for some reason they are left scattered about the floor I will not touch them. He is the only one that has a tough time with keeping his clothes off the floor.
Maybe this (running out of pants) will get him to clean up his room a bit more often, one can dream.
Then again, I doubt it.

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