The Spiderwick Chronicles – The Movie

On Friday, I decided to see what was playing at our local discount movie theater.

-- There is a local theater that charges $10 for two tickets; this includes two dinks and large popcorn. What a deal, the four of us can go for $20, now the trade off is that we have to wait to see first run movies but it is still before they come out on DVD’s.

I noticed that The Spiderwick Chronicles was playing and perhaps it might be nice to take in a movie. The boys were all for it and so was dh, so the plan was to go Saturday after the soccer game. As it turns out, Spencer was quite sore and tired and I was also tired. Guess it must have been all the fresh air and the wind zipping around me? I don’t know.

Today was the day for the movies. *grin*
I found the movie to be fun and very entertaining, a great family movie.
There are a few parts that are a bit “scary”; I would not suggest this for children under 7.

I have never read all of the books but I think I may just go to the library and begin to read them. That is after I finish the pile of four books waiting for me now.

Side note:

I did enjoy the previews for movies coming out this summer.

Get Smart has been turned into a movie. Not sure that I will see it right away, even though I loved the show as a kid. Granted I was watching in re-runs when I was small but I thought Maxwell Smart was the best. Come on you know his shoe phone was cool. Preivew

Speed Racer – uh.. I’ll pass on this one.

Indiana Jones – looks even better on the big screen and I know we will be going to this one.

Horton Hears A Who – I saw a different clip than before and most defiantly it will be seen by us.

Inkheart - preview -

This is another children’s book that has been made into a movie. Nate is excited about seeing this movie; he has the book and read it over and over and over again. (he’s like that with books) It looks very good and it would seem to be a movie for older children.
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