Morning Madness

What a morning, it ranks in the top ten for doozies.

I woke up in a super mood, had some quiet time to myself to read through emails and begin to plan the day. Ahhh!

Then Nate stumbles out and states, “My head is pounding, my stomach and mouth are hurting really bad.” (He is cutting some of those big molars that one finds in the way back of your mouth.)
My reply, “I will give you some medicine for your head which should also help your mouth.”
Go ahead and lay down for a smidge.

I begin to try a new recipe for peek-a-boo muffins - tired of the same stuff to eat for breakfast.

While I am doing this, I am trying to get three lunches around and keep on eye on Nate.
He (Nate) comes in and asks for some waffles. He is still really pale and complaining that his head hurts.
Fixed his waffles, delivered them to the table for him and he begins to eat.

I go back to my other little projects noticing that Spencer is not up and I will have to rustle him out of bed. (Not something I like to do, for he can be a beast when disturbed while sleeping. You just don’t wake this child up.) Next thing I know Nate gets up from the table, looks green and loses it in the garbage can. Sure looks like he is staying home today.

Zip back, wake up Spencer (to my delight he is semi up and pleasant), go back to the kitchen and clean up from Nate.

Right, forgot the muffins were cooking and pulled them out before they could possibly burn.

Spencer is grumbling about not knowing what to have to eat. (Not like there are not Lean Pockets, cereal, waffles, eggs, English muffins just waiting for someone to eat them. Nope there is nothing in the house.) He finally decides on cereal.

Ack! I forgot to make the coffee for dh. Quick grind the beans and make the coffee.

I needed something from the refrigerator, opened door, pulled item out but along the way some left over raw ground meat decided to fly out of a container and end up on the floor. Argh.. need to clean this up.

Dogs are stuck to me like glue, they want their breakfast.

I’m on it, go into the cabinet get their dishes and a tub of food.

Turn my back and KaBoom!

Holy cow… the broiler pan and some cookie trays land on the floor. I notice that the chocolate chip biscotti I made last night (I admit to being bit lazy and just left it on top of the oven.) was all over the floor. Add that to the list to clean up. Autumn (our other dog) scurries off with her find of a piece of biscotti. Track her down, take it away from her, and go back in the kitchen to find Teddyboy eating some crumbs. (I so wanted to break down and just cry.) Shooed him away, threw away the biscotti and then cleaned up all the crumbs.

Dh leaves for work; Spencer is just taking his time getting around (now 7:35) and needs a gentle nudge to brush his teeth.
Finally, we are out the door but great traffic is backed up from the school (it is 7:50) and we are going to cut it really close. Get Spencer dropped off by 7:58 *phew* two minutes to spare.

I am seriously ready to call it a day.

Anonymous said...

What happened with Nate? Last notice he was leaning over the pail discharging breakfast! His day had to improve from that!

Sandy said...

Nate improved slowly throughout the day.
He stayed home and rested. (Trust me, he is not known for resting.)
Thanks for asking!

Anonymous said...

Holy schmoly! I have this vision of one child throwing up in the garbage, while the other is standing next to him rambling on about what to eat. It could only happen in your house.

The biscotti sky-diving REALLY is the most upsetting event of all. Just sayin'.

And there I was- peacefully snoring through all your troubles, blissfully unaware of all the Troubles in the South.

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