Yesterday, you would have found me painting one set of our kitchen cabinets.
It was actually quite painless and I really enjoyed the task.
The paint went easy, dried quickly and looks really nice.
I was able to paint two of the doors and made sure to let them dry overnight.
No big deal.

This morning, I went to put two of the doors back up. (this is where the fun starts…lol)
Opened up the nice new shiny “golden” hinges, popped out the screws, and placed the hinge on the back of the door.
Uh no, only one of the holes matches up.
This can’t be right the hinge looks like the one we currently have.

Take the hinge over to the cabinet and see if it will match up there.
Nope, the holes are too far back.
No, no, no. (except to be honest with you this is NOT what I said.)

We are the third owners to live in this house and every time we try a DIY project we find all these nice little surprises. *groan*
Like for instance, when I removed the wall paper in the dinning room.
There was another layer under that which was just glued to the sheet rock.
Gosh, that was so much fun to remove. *insert sarcasm*
The walls still need to be coated so that we can have a nice flat surface to paint on.
(I am a wee bit frustrated with that room, so it has been put on hold.)
When we painted in the kitchen we noticed that there was a layer of wallpaper under the paint. *sigh*
The covers to the air vents look great, but when you go to remove them you hold your breath that the metal in the wall to hold them in place does not fall down the duct work.
Oh there are more but I think you get the picture.
We try to do a project the proper way but some how they end up derailed for a period of time.

Anyway, I went back to Lowe’s and bought two different hinges.
One is totally wrong (back it will go) and the white one I thought would fit, fits on the back but not the cabinet. I know the cabinets were custom made and I would use the original hinges but they are so… well, eewww!
Plus, I have already thrown some out. *shakes head*
So, it looks like we will have to re-drill some holes in the cabinets.
Not something that I really want to do but if that is the only choice, then that is the choice.

Ah, the joys of homeownership.

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