Saturdays are soccer game days for the next few weeks.

This morning we got up, ate, watched a bit of cartoons (yeah, I still watch cartoons), kids played a few computer games and then we got around for the game.

Now, I left the dogs in and out a few times during our gentle morning. I did notice that there was no cheering, no noises or anything of the sort from the area of the fields. In some ways we can be late but still on time for the games. (We live three minutes from the fields – (driving time) - you could never tell they are that close for the area that separates us is full of trees.) Odd.

Very early this morning we had some heavy rain. Then the winds picked up, and the temperature dropped.

I checked my email, no mail from the coach.

So we bundled up, hopped into the van and drove to the fields.

Arrive, notice nobody on the fields and oh hey, we see the coach but no teammates.

DH and Spencer get out walk over to him and he informs us that it was cancelled due to the soggy fields and cold weather.

Right.. so they get back into the van and we drive back home.
Unload the cameras, Spencer goes to change and we decided to go run a few errands.

Rats no game for today.

** A little later in the day, I receive an email stating that we need to remember to check the soccer website for any cancellations.
Um… yeah, I will make sure of that one now.

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