Not your average jelly bean.

First off, sorry about the crummy picture.
It really does not do the candy any justice.

I have to say that I am not a big fan of sour candy nor have I ever been a fan.
Now, Nate & Spencer love sour candy, especially Nerds.
Dh found Nerds Bumpy Jelly Beans few weeks ago and brought them home to try.
The boys were not too sure if they wanted to try them. Huh?!
One of your favorite candies with a jelly bean inside, did I miss something?
I was the brave one, me, the one who does not like sour candies.
(Can you tell where this is going?)
I opted for the red first, two of them at once.
Ooo… sour, but then as you chew the sweetness sneaks up on you and it is a real treat.
I liked them but I *cough* needed to try the other flavors, you never know if the others are just as tasty.
Um.. yeah, they are all really good!
When Spencer wanted to try them, I told him too late they were all mine. *giggle*
Nate was next; he thought they were just okay.
Right… Mr. Just Okay went on to eat over half of them in just over three days.
My favorite is the lemon; the grape flavor makes me pucker up. * so sour*
The jelly bean (not too sweet) is covered with a nice thin layer of Nerd candy.
There are four flavors in the bag: Green Apple, Cherry, Lemon, Orange and Grape.
We have eaten two bags already *blush* but they are soo good.

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