Cool Bathtubs

I stumbled upon a site called Bornrich.org this afternoon while looking for out of the ordinary stuff. I found some really cool bathtubs that I just had to share.

If you like to read in the tub but never enough room, now there is a perfect tub just for you!

This tub has enough room to hold quite a few of your books and then some.
There is plenty of room to relax, enjoy and read a good book.
(Looks like it could handle a few bath bombs.)

The tub is created by Antonio Lupi and what a perfect design.

The Moody Acquario tub by Lavabo is a bit odd but looks like it would be so much fun.

Take some time out during your busy day and unwind with your fish.
Talk about total relaxation!
There is even a matching sink if you would like.

Now, this pampering does come with a nice little price tag.
(roughly - $17,000 for the bookcase tub and $15,000 for the aquarium tub)
One can dream.

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