Does anyone have a tissue?
I am so not ready for the allergy season to start.
Gosh, I get to look forward to all that pollen covering (yes, I really mean covering) everything in yellow for two weeks. *ugh*
Guess I better start taking my meds so I can survive this time of year. *blah*
On the upside, all the pretty little flowers will be out to enjoy.
Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha- I got my 1st pollen.com Email alert yesterday & thought our 4.6 cedar/juniper was bad... Please take your pills ASAP. You can get very cranky when your nose & sinuses get too stuffy. LOL

Sandy said...

me thinks I know you. ;->
Grumpy..*gasp* really?! me?!
Trust me the first round of meds was taken yesterday.

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