Faerie Made Products - Review

One of my favorite soaps comes from Faerie Made in Asheville, NC.

I simply love her Almond Flaxseed bar. The almond scent is not too over powering (as I have found with others) and I find the aroma to be very relaxing. This bar has awesome lather and is a wonderful gentle exfoliant for the skin.

The other product that I have fallen in love with is her Glacial Milk – Facial Masque & Polish. This is the best mask that I have ever used. (I am always trying new masks out to see how they will work out but this one is always just right.) You do not need a lot of product to get wonderful results. I tend to use it once a week; you might like to use it more or less frequently.

You will find a nice variety of products on her website, and on Etsy.

You can also check out to see if her products are local in your area when you are on her website.

Her products are simply outstanding.

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