Friday night on the town

I know I’m a bit late in posting about what we did Friday night but better late than never. *smile*
Friday was simply a beautiful day, highs in the low 70’s, a breeze, sunshine and a beautiful blue sky.
We decided to go out to dinner Friday night is normally pizza night for us.
Mmm… pizza.
We opted to try a Bellacino’s, it is a new restaurant for us but has been in town for about three years now. There are a few pizza joints that we enjoy but there have always been a few we have wanted to try.

I love the building that this restaurant is in, it was an old pharmacy (est.1920 at the current restaurant location). The old wooden shelves, tin ceiling, beautiful tile floor are still part of this wonderful building.

We ordered, got our drinks and decided to sit outside.
There was a bit of commotion going on at the Westin Poinsett Hotel while we were waiting. Not sure what happened but it appears nothing major. (Side note: If you go see the movie Leatherheads you will see this hotel. The movie was shot here and in various smaller towns
around the area I live in. It was a b-i-g deal to have George Clooney & Renee Zellweger here in town.)
Our food was delivered and it was really good! The Greek salad was just loaded with Fetta cheese, olives and lots of lettuce. The pizza was very good too. *thumbs up*

Once we had eaten we decided to take a nice walk around town and enjoy the weather some more.

This fellow watched over us the whole time we were eating. He/she was really freaking Nate out.

The trees are all beginning to bloom here now that it is warming up so nicely. (though today it was only 48. :-/ )

There is a section by the falls where you can find quite a few local artist stores.

I love this sign that is in this art area.

Next were some really cool solar lamps that Nate spotted.
I had seen them before but never really paid any attention that they were solar.

The beautiful falls. It seemed like everyone was out and enjoying themselves that night.
Snapping pictures and just enjoying the spring weather.
Then there are all different types of beautiful flowers in bloom.

This cute little fellow is the newest addition to the mice around town. He sits under the gentleman whom the city is named after. You might wonder why anyone would put these on street corners, under a bush or near a building. Well, they were placed around town for children to find. Half the time you just walk and never fully take in the sites. This is something that the young and old enjoy looking for while out and about.

We had a wonderful night out!
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