Praise for KD Basics Furniture-

KD Basics is a division of Thomasville Furniture.
Hubby stopped off on his way to work on night last week to get a nightstand for Nate.

Saturday found us just taking it easy, so I figured I would try to put it together.
I figured out the two sides of the drawer and started the assembly process.
I did not make it very far.
Sides, back and bottom portion in check, now for the face plate.
Get it ready to tap into the dowels, use some thick plastic wrap under the hammer so I would not hurt the front.
Give it a top, nope, not in. This time hit it a bit harder, and the same result one side on one side off. Third time has to be the charm right?

One good whack! and crack.

That did not sound too good.

Pulled off the plastic wrap and noticed I had cracked the top portion.

Oh man…

Apparently, the one dowel was not in enough which is why it was causing me so much trouble.
I take the directions, grab the phone and give the company a call. Pooh, I just missed them by thirty minutes. Now I will have to wait until Monday.
Yesterday (Monday), first thing in the morning and I was really impressed.
I gave the model number and the item we needed to replace and our address.
The customer service rep stated that they would get it right out to me.
Stunned, I asked don’t I have to pay for it or the shipping?
“No, Ma’am, it is a free service.” she replied.
This totally made my day!
The item is being shipped from NC to SC, so I should have it fast and then I can very, very carefully tackle that project again.
I have pushed the dowel down further and will make sure I am very gentle the second time around.

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