a sound that I heard a few minutes ago while.
It is not a sound one would like to hear.
Groan -it was under the house.
I put on my brave face, crawled into the crawl space (oh, how I hate that area) and looked around.
I spotted some water (not good -but it could be from the heavy rain we had -due to the vents under the house) but no way was I going any further. NO gushing rivers, no pipes blown away.. just a wee bit of water.
We still have water pressure and water. (good sign)
I did call dh and explain the situation. I know he has quite a bit on his plate right now but wanted to pass along the information.
He will be the brave one to go all the way under the house and check it out tonight. (lucky him!)
So, I sit and wonder nervously about the clunk.
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