The Magical Backpack

This morning, as I was driving Nate to school, I remembered that the lens shade to our camera was still in his backpack.
As we are driving up and around the road that leads to the middle school, I reached over, unzipped and pulled out the shade.
Now, while my hand is in there I remember we packed a pair of shorts for Spencer to change into if he became too hot on our hike.
Spencer never needed them, there was need for Nate to lug them through school, and so I reached back into the backpack and pulled them out.
Hum… I felt something else while my hand is in there.
Drop Spencer’s shorts on the basket between the seats, back in goes my hand and I pulled out a pair of Nate’s missing black gym shorts.
Yeowza, these have been missing for three months!
He has not needed them because he was finished with gym back in January.When he saw the shorts he blurted out, “So that is where they were this whole time.”
Finally, we were at the point where he needed to exit the car and go into the school.
I asked him what else was in his backpack; he turned, smiled and said, “Could be anything, Mom.”

I don’t think I want to know.

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