Game On!

I was wrong.

We had some rumbles of thunder and heavy rain for about an hour this morning but Spencer’s soccer game was a go!

We arrived promptly at 12:02 for the 12:30 start of the game.

Yes, the fields were wet and muddy in spots but the teams were ready to play!

The sky however looked off and was just waiting to rain down upon us.

During the second half, tiny sprinkles of rain began to fall every so often.

Play continued.

Larger drops began to fall and thunder in the distance.

Play continued.

A little bit harder rain began falling, thunder getting closer.

Play continued.

You could at this point here the murmur of the parents talking about how the game should be cancelled due to weather and families began packing up their chairs. (Games are cancelled due to thunder, storms, bad fields and something else.)

Then there it was a nice crack of lightening right above us.

Instantly, the whistle blew and

Yup, game called.

Snacks quickly passed out and off we all went home to dry off.

The Jets won (Spencer’s team) 5-2.

These were taken later in the afternoon.

It was one angry sky in stages.

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