Let Me Give You

the correct phone number for that department. *cringe*

I needed to call our county offices to find out what I was paid last year for jury duty.

This morning called first thing, figured it would the best time.

I happily went through my speech of what I was looking for and I was told, “oh no, you need this number.”

Super, call that number, cheerfully stated what I needed. I was told by another that they did not handle that information but let me give you this number for you to call.


Call the new number.

I nicely inform the woman what I needed.

I was greeted with, “Sorry, I’ll transfer you to the proper department.”

Immediately the phone was answered and I pleasantly go through my statement (or try to) and was cut off instantly. (deep breaths)

I was told to wait while she found the proper number. After five minutes on hold (no music to keep me company), she returns to curtly tell me sorry and here is the phone number.

Alrighty, called this number and was taken aback when I heard,"XYZ County Switchboard, how can I help you?"

Now in my head, I’m thinking you have to be kidding me that I went all through this to get the switchboard?! No way!

I tell the woman what I need (my happy/pleasant voice - gone by now), she replied, “Why.”

Meanwhile, I am scratching my head at why she is questioning me. (there is a lot going on in my head)

I reply, “Well, for my taxes.”

She sighs and states, "well, it would take me forever to go through the books to get that information for you unless you know the exact date.” (um.. no computers?!)

Sure no problem, that would be on (Oct. xx, 2007) and she then through gritted teeth (sure sounded like she gritted them to me) it would be $12 per day.

Wow and I was told that it would take her forever to find the information. *shrug*

I did try to thank her but she hung up before I could get it all out.

I am happy I now have the information I needed but am totally dumbfounded by what I had to go through to get it.

I know why I put off calling for so long.

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