New Ringtone.

Last Friday I tried to download a new ring tone to my phone.
Why a new tone? I have really cheesy preloaded ones and it seems like everywhere I go “my” phone is ringing.
Normally, I would think this would not be a big problem.
Then again, it is me trying to get something to work properly. (which is a big problem)
I log into our cell account, begin sifting through the w-i-d-e selection offered.
Songs I really like but they are really not the type to have a tones. (KWIM?!)
I am sure some would really offend others, I can hear some of you say, “Why should that matter?” I like to keep things as calm as one can, no issues. Issues tend to find me, like it or not.
So after about twenty minutes I find a song that I would like to use. Great!
I go in to purchase, click switch phones (since it will be on mine not hubby’s), agree to terms, and click the nice purchase button. I was feeling so proud of myself for being able to do this and no major incidents.
Then it occurs to me as I look at the page it is his number not mine. No, no, no…
Then when he calls within milliseconds of the confirmation email I know it is true.
Now the task is to try and recall my account information, I thought I could be on his side and get to mine. No dice.

Rack my noggin for a few minutes when I finally come up with the information. (my memory did not fail me today!) Type in the information, hit enter, gives me his site. Log out; try it again, and again and again and again. (now minus a few strands of hair)
I eye his computer, perhaps there is a cookie on my computer that will simply read for his account. Plausible…
Get up, move to his chair, turn on his monitor and bring up Firefox and log into my account without a hitch. How about that!?
Find the song again, but listen to a few others you never know. I will stick with the one I selected.
Entered in the correct information, clicked the purchase button and it worked! I have a new ring tone.

So were were the songs that I decided not to select?

  • High – The Cure
  • Someday – The Strokes
  • Be Good - Tokyo Club
  • Bleed it Out – Linkin Park
  • Clocks – Coldplay

What is my new tone?

The chorus portion from Flathead by The Fratellis.

You may have heard the tune from the Ipod commercials.

If you want you can check out the video…

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