Honey, What's burning.....

Not really something you want to ask, now is it?

Those were the words I spoke late this afternoon to my dh.

I entered our kitchen and something just smelled off to me.

I first thought it was a tart I placed on to burn but uh, no, that was not it.

I continued on into our family room (we have a ranch style house) and whoa, it was really strong.

Things were kinda smokey but I could not tell what was up.

Asked my question, dh and Spencer looked up at me and said, “ Dunno.”

Um, okay, I am now beginning to panic a bit.

The smell is getting stronger but I just can't seem to find it.

I hear the dry turning and think of a lint fire.

Rush into the laundry area, pull open the door and huh, it is fine inside the dryer.

I stand up, turn and notice that the washer is just smoking away.

Holy Cow!

No fire, (well, I don’t think so) pull out the electrical plug, push the button to stop the machine and rip open the lid.


What a horrible smell, burning rubber.

We opened the doors, windows and turned on the ceiling fans. (The house still smells.)

I begin to take out the water from the load that was being washed and the items from inside.

Dh and I try to find out how to take the front off but could not figure it out.

We thought we could check to see what decided to go.

So, looks like first thing tomorrow I will be calling the local Maytag dealer.

Fingers crossed that it is not anything really major.

The silly washer is only three years old.

Never a dull moment.

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