Soy Tarts

It has been a few weeks since I have tinkered with any of my hobbies.

Yesterday was the day to break out the tart molds and soy wax. I found some odds and ends of fragrance oils, not enough to soap with but more than enough to create tarts. *smile*

I love working with soy wax. I have made candles with paraffin and tarts with a blended paraffin years ago but I really like soy wax. Sure it can be tricky at first with the testing of your product and finding the right fragrances to work with the wax. Then some fragrances work better with some soy waxes than others.

Eh.. just a learning curve but once you get to know the wax it is quite fun.
(plus, take lots of notes so you can remember it for the next time.)

Here is what I did:

Oils, molds, wax, pour pot, spoon, scale, thermometer, fragrance oil all set out and ready to go!

Measured out the correct amount of wax.

(Note: Always remember to tare the weight of the scale otherwise your end results will not be correct. Uh-huh...I know that from experience.)

Fragrance was measured out; I forgot to snap a picture.

Wax melting
(I use a pot with water then gently place the pour pot inside.)
Once the wax is melted around 160 degrees, I remove it from the heat and let it cool. When the wax reaches 125 degrees, I add in the fragrance and mix well.

After about 20 minutes from putting the fragrance in, it was time to pour. The wax becomes “slushy” and the is the stage to pour into the molds.

Molds are lined up and ready to be filled.

Wax poured now to let it cool.
Turned out I did not need all the molds so I removed the unused ones.

The finished product.
These tarts were scented using Tangerine Grapefruit fragrance oil from Flickers Fragrances.

I will let them sit for about a week.
It's another one of those "things" about soy wax.
Soy wax becomes better with age.

I ended up making two other batches using Caribbean Fruit Smoothie and Lavender Vanilla fragrance oils.

I can't wait to try them out!

What soy wax do I use?
GB 415 - everyone has their own preference of wax.

Clean Up Tip:
I invested eighty five cents in this scrubbie and it does the perfect job of getting my pot clean!

I add a wee bit of liquid soap, pour in some boiled water, rinse then lightly scrub and I'm done with clean up.
Anonymous said...

Our experience shows the soy wax gets worse with age, i.e. frosting & separation from the glass, & sometimes discoloration.

How do you get yours to get better with age? We use GD440 soy wax & pour at about 150 - never poured when slushy - is this just for your tarts or do you pour slushy for all candle types?


Sandy said...

Great question! I am going to write up a post. I think I would babble too long in this tiny comment box.


Sandy said...

Check out the soy tart help I posted here:

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